Reimagine the civic landscape with equity at the center.




For too many, our society fails to meet its most basic commitments.

But we can change that.

Despite great advances in many fields, we’re moving away from equity and justice as a society. Institutions are reaching ceilings in their capacity to drive lasting change. Public systems are leaving the vulnerable to struggle on their own. Reform is often failing.

None of this is for lack of willpower or compassion – it’s that old systems meant to reinforce inequity can only fulfill what they were designed to do.

But we see opportunity. Visionary mayors committed to replacing antiquated systems with new ones that put equity at their core. Philanthropists looking to do all they can with what they have. Designers and engineers who want to dedicate their careers to social impact. And communities full of insights, eager to create solutions.


NIS is an end-to-end service for creating equitable social systems that actually work.

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We partner with entire communities to reinvent systems and prove that justice is possible.

Our approach is simple.

We start by listening to the voices usually unheard and to the needs normally unmet. Then we develop best-in-class solutions – leveraging cutting-edge tools, technology, and resources – that we personalize for a given community. And throughout, we build multi-sector coalitions that we equip to do what can at times seem impossible – reinvent old or unjust social systems, so that the root problem, not only the symptoms, are addressed.

We also supplement our community partnership work with technology and policy labs designed to contribute to our broader mission: making society truly work for everyone.

More than a new company, we are new system, designed to redesign the way our country works.

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Community Partnerships

Transforming systems by listening to the people most affected by them and building infrastructure that benefits the whole community.

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Civic Technology

Building the tools, programs, systems, and infrastructure that can be used by all to improve life for all

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Building the legal infrastructure needed to support innovation and equity, and removing the policies that lead to marginalization


Project: Seattle & King County iHomelessness System Redesign

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All of this is supported by an exceptional, non-traditional team.

We’re a team of builders, policy experts, former government officials, tech executives, and journalists. Always at least 50% of color, and with lived experience of the communities with which we partner.

Select organizations we’ve created, led, and served:




Social Innovation




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